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Harry Hubbard has been a book collector for many years.  He was born and raised in the Armuchee Valley of the north-west Georgia mountains.  He traveled extensively throughout the southeast and lived in Atlanta, Chattanooga and Charlotte, NC  before moving to Florida in 1985.  He is self educated and has always shared with others new information and discoveries he made using his collection of books often called "The Shrine."  Harry not only collects books but also: Ancient Coins, 16th Century Maps, Ancient Artifacts, Currencies, Stamps and early 20th century electrical devices. Harry became a member of the Tesla Coil Builders Association in 1986 and has built several powerful coils with his electrical facilities.

Harry's interests span from History, to Electricity, Music, Writing and Business.  He has been self-employed since 1986 when he founded Cybertech Systems, Inc. in Cocoa Beach and Port Canaveral.  At Cybertech Systems, Harry was project coordinator and serviced large accounts with project operations concerning repair and new installations of Hazardous Waste Transfer systems as well as Industrial Irrigation Systems for Golf courses throughout Florida.  Cybertech Systems also repaired generators, motors, industrial solenoids as well as AC/DC inverters and high voltage control systems.  Harry is a control panel specialist by trade having worked on launch pads for NASA and Cape Canaveral AFB on many occasions.  Cybertech Systems contracted with Martin Marietta, Harris/Lanier, Lockheed, McDonnell - Douglas, EG&G, Hughes, Meridian, Morton Thiakol and General Dynamics (Submarine Division.)  Cybertech Systems also contracted overhaul and reconditions of NASA supplied liquid hydrogen and nitrogen pumps. Cybertech Systems often contracted to service various submarines, radar, and combat warships for the United States Navy that dock at Port Canaveral; as well as luxury cruise liners that dock at Port Canaveral.

Harry's musical career began in 1975 and has endured till the present. The music company he founded in 1980 is called Lazeria Music and Publishing where he coordinates services as a concert promoter, publisher, producer and studio engineer.  Harry still frequently works with his old mates Glass Hammer, as well as Michael Rapp and Ted Neeley (of Jesus Christ Superstar fame.)  Having produced dozen's of CD's and worked in many different video studios as well, it later became necessary to produce videos of various archaeological sites in North America.  

Harry has written, arranged, directed and produced over 20 videos for Alexander Helios, Inc.  Harry's first widely distributed, animated oratory production video, was titled The Lazeria Map Collection produced in winter of 1994; which also features his long time associate Paul Schaffranke.  This strange yet outrageous video presentation merely put on exhibition Harry's rare maps, charts and display specimens going back to the late 1500's.  This production met with critical acclaim  among map collectors and dealers throughout the United States and Canada.

Being an avid bibliophile and reader since childhood, Harry consumes several books every week.  He also studies rocks and minerals and features over 1000 specimens in five museum cabinets with an emphasis on fluorescent and phosphorescent stones.  Harry enjoys lapidary projects in his own shop and is most fond of the beautiful, rare mineral known as Serpentine Ricolite.  

Long before the Ptolemy Project began, Harry studied mounds, mound complexes, ancient American dwellings and Native American cultures.  The results of his research led to the creation of his Native American Linguistics Guide which took over two and a half years to complete.  Harry supports Native American groups.  He has attended sweats, bars and ceremonies on many occasions.  Harry primarily studies the indigenous languages of: Algonquin, Athapaskan, Inuit, Cocopa, Pimian, Miwok, Kayashan, Shoshonean and Classical Lakota.  His favorite Native American language study is Navaho, due to its extremely complex word order.  

Harry Hubbard's legal name is Brian Boyd Hubbard.  His pen and stage name for years was Horatio Rybnikar which appears on dozens of music CD's, scholarly dissertations, reports and discourses concerning History, Maps, Coins, Archaeology, Anthropology, Antiquities, Geology and Linguistics.  He has written several non-fiction books, reports and articles primarily concerning Marion County, Illinois.  His primary ancient language studies are: Indus/Sumer, Nagari, Zend, and Schaff (Adena Latin.)  

Harry was President of: Ptolemy Productions, Inc. - Alexander Helios, Inc. - Cybertech Systems, Inc. - Lazeria, Inc.; and left it all in 1998 to get away and spend time in the desolate deserts of the American southwest.  He lived, worked and traveled about in Mexico for a year before returning stateside to finish writing Tomb Chronicles I and II.  He currently deals in artifacts, coins and high quality rare Fluorescent Minerals.  He frequently travels across the country to speak at various conferences, lectures and shows with his cat Teffy.  

Harry Hubbard is singularly responsible for any and all information featured on this website.  

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